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Contribution to the Development of a Tool for Deciphering the Message Conveyed by Marks for Better Support of Learners in Competance Based Approach: Case Study of Cameroon

Fopoussi Tuebue Jean Christophe

Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, Page 1-16
DOI: 10.9734/ajess/2021/v22i130518

The present study aims to provide a tool capable to ease the deciphering of the message bore in watermark by marks. Its achievement was facilitated by investigations from the field. General knowledge and their mobilization constitute the major focus of evaluations in Cameroon. They are separately marked over 10, for a final mark over 20. The vague perception of the message conveyed by marks considerably shuffles the student’s assistance. The matrix of FOPOUSSI TUEBUE appears then as a major contribution because of its capability to orientate the choice of actions to be carried out in response to particular difficulties faced by learners.

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Teachers’ Perceptions about Principal’s Instructional Leadership Practices under Trashi Yangtse District in Bhutan

Karma Tshering, . Nima

Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, Page 17-43
DOI: 10.9734/ajess/2021/v22i130519

This study aimed to explore the teachers’ perceptions about principals’ instructional leadership practices in the schools. A total of 202 teachers working in 30 schools in Bhutan were involved as the research sample. The researcher used mixed method design to explore the study. The survey structured questionnaire and semi-structured interview tools were administered to collect data from the sample group. As for the data analysis, the findings were analyzed using descriptive statistical analysis and thematic analysis. The findings of the study indicated that teachers tend to develop positive perception toward their principals’ instructional leadership practices in the schools. Further analysis of teachers’ perception in relation to their demographic and institutional factor indicated insignificant leadership practices.

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Blaan T’logan: The Marker of Tribal Identity

Glenford C. Franca

Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, Page 44-50
DOI: 10.9734/ajess/2021/v22i130520

Aims: To determine the identity and practices of the Blaan tribe of Kiblawan, Davao del Sur, Southern Philippines.

Study Design:  This study used the historical approach.

Place and Duration of Study: The study was conducted at Kiblawan, Davao del Sur, Southern Philippines for 6 months.

Methodology: Historical approach was used through the tribe’s oral tradition and elders’ revelations, triangulated by the tangible and immovable cultural property.

Results: Just like the other tribes in the Davao region, the Blaan tribe has also their own unique beliefs and culture. The stories they believed in where obtained from their ancestors. Believing to these stories had become part of their daily living. To preserve their customary practices, the Blaan elders constructed the T’logan which the tribe considered a sacred community house, where several significant socio-cultural and political activities were held. The T’logan became a marker their identity and symbolizes community prestige, honor, pride and strong social cohesion. It was greatly valued by the tribe members since it embraced spiritual, social, and political significance. It was a place where disputes were settled, alliances were forged, marriages were officiated and other community rituals.

Conclusion: Cultural preservation during this technologically advanced era and liberalized time is not easy. However, the unity of the Blaan elders and members is the key to reviving and promoting their beliefs and cultural practices not only for the tribe members but for the outside communities. Moreover, studying and dissimination of the Blaan tribe’s customary beliefs and cultures is a contribution which the educational institutions can do best.

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Educational Analysis of Young EFL Learners during COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia: Rooting Its Effect

Ibtesam AbdulAziz Bajri

Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, Page 51-66
DOI: 10.9734/ajess/2021/v22i130522

This study is undertaken to pave the way for an enlightened understanding of the effects and reflections of COVID-19 with respect to the educational landscape in terms of distance and online learning set up/learning resources, professional development, management and parental involvement. The researcher employs a mixed-methods approach by utilizing Creswell's [1] explanatory sequential design. There are 100 respondents selected for purposive sampling, which included teachers, students, parents, and school admin staff. The data has been collected from 5 cities located in different regions of Saudi Arabia. Based on the results, the study shows that distance and online learning set-up really have a positive impact on students in the Saudi Community. These kind of educational endeavors develop skills for independent learning and they become well-equipped with online learning techniques and styles. It is quite obvious that students hold positive views towards online classes. However, teachers need to enhance their skills when it comes to instructional tools, especially in using computers which is necessary in an online class. Though the school management provides a relevant answer to the queries of students, parents and teachers, the school management should provide support to authorized bodies or the community. In this study, parental intervention is not significant and useful for the students’ assessments. However, parents expect a high standard of performance from their children. It can be revealed in this part that parental intervention is not useful for students’ assessment. In doing so, parents should also limit setting a standard of performance for their children. This might affect the emotional performance of a child. Aside from material support, parents should continue to provide emotional support to their children, especially in these trying times.

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Fighting for the Video Marketing against Its Weakness

Tsai-Fa (TF) Yen

Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, Page 67-72
DOI: 10.9734/ajess/2021/v22i130523

As the market size of the video industry continues to grow by 3.6 times increased in the past five years, more and more companies adopt video marketing. Under this circumstance, it is meaningful and important to discuss the marketing issues in this industry. The objective of this study is to clarify the definition, problems and countermeasures of video marketing. Literature was obtained through data retrieval, and the data was aggregated and analyzed by induction. Findings show that the problems of video marketing cover the laws, suppliers, buyers, competitors, and content technical issues. And we suggest that the future research can try to verify the key points of STP analysis (segmentation, targeting, and positioning), marketing mix, as well as the cost-benefit analysis in video marketing.