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Identification of Children with Disabilities in Government Primary Schools of Hyderabad District - Survey

V. Ananda Jyothi

Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, Page 38-45
DOI: 10.9734/ajess/2021/v21i130500

Disability can be defined as any limitation or restriction to perform developmentally appropriate activities which are desired by society. The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health: Children and Youth Version (ICF-CY) defined disability as, “neither purely biological nor social but instead the interaction between health conditions, environmental and personal factors.” It described disability at three levels: 1. An impairment in body function or structure, such as a cataract which prevents the passage of light and sensing of form, shape, and size of visual stimuli;, 2. A limitation in activity, such as the inability to read or move around; 3. A restriction in participation, such as exclusion from school. Children with disabilities require interventions and support, Difficulty in oral language 1. Slow development in speaking words or sentences (also referred to as,late talkers) 2. Pronunciation problems 3. Difficulty learning new words; slow vocabulary growth 4. Difficulty finding the right word to use when speaking 5. Difficulty understanding and following simple (one-step) directions 6. Difficulty understanding questions 7. Difficulty recognizing or learning rhyming words 8. Lack of interest in storytelling.

Students with learning disabilities are among the most vulnerable-at chronic risk for "not learning" under the aforementioned conditions, for long-term academic and social problems, and for lifelong debilitating side-effects of their classroom experiences. 30 Government Primary schools from class 1 to 5 were identified in Hyderabad district and 3200 children were screened to identify whether they have hearing and speech impairment, Intellectual Disability, Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and learning Ethical norms were followed in this study for collecting the data. Care has been taken to meet the ethical requirements in this research study, during developing the screening camp while discussion with the teachers and children. Out of 3200 children 660 children were identified with different disabilities and referred to the concerned Institutes for detailed evaluation and intervention services. There is an urgent and substantial need to identify as early as possible those young children in need of services. The need for early identification of learning disabilities is highly related to potential.

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Financial Management and Organizational Culture as a Hybrid for SMEs' Performance in Nigeria

Ogunlade, Olabamiji, G. T. Ayo-Oyebiyi, O. A. Babalola, O. O. Fasesin

Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, Page 1-8
DOI: 10.9734/ajess/2021/v21i130496

Purpose: This study jointly examines the impact of financial management and organizational culture on the performance of SMEs in Nigeria with particular reference to Oyo State.

Methods Purposive sampling techniques were employed to select a total of 658 SME operators/managers engaging in trading, manufacturing, services, Agro-allied, and construction. Mean, and least square method of estimation was used to analyze the data.

Results: The result reveals that financial management and organizational culture jointly and independently influence SMEs’ performance. The study further reveals that SMEs are ready to imbibe financial management culture if adequate training on financial skills is provided for the sector by the government, accounting professional bodies, and the tertiary institution of learning, which will foster the growth of entrepreneurship and prudently manage their finances. Implications: The implication of this study is that for the sector to swimming in prosperity, SMEDAN should make the certificate in financial management culture as of the prerequisites for the registration. Also, the Federal Ministry of Education should introduce financial management culture into curricula for all tertiary institutions of learning as well as accounting professional bodies in Nigeria.

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Job Satisfaction and Favorable Outcome on Teachers’ Work Performance: The Noblest Profession

Leovigildo Lito D. Mallillin

Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, Page 17-28
DOI: 10.9734/ajess/2021/v21i130498

The study aims to identify the job satisfaction and favorable outcome on teachers’ work performance as the noblest profession in terms of appreciation and recognition of work, relationships with colleagues, relationships with superiors, learning career development, promotion, wages, salaries, benefits, and interest in the job.

Mixed method research design is employed in the study which focuses on both quantitative and qualitative combined research approaches in identifying the data collection, viewpoints, analysis, techniques, and inferences for the purpose of broad in-depth corroboration and understanding. Purposive sampling is employed and utilized in the study and is also known as subjective, selective, and judgmental sampling. The study comprised thirty (30) respondents only.

Results show that most of the respondents like their job and enjoy their teaching profession and favorable outcome on teachers’ work performance because it is their oath to mold and to shape the learning process of students. This resulted in job satisfaction among them and reveals teaching as the noblest profession and show that respondents don't feel their efforts are rewarded, though they enjoy working with their colleagues and co-teachers, respondents like their superiors because they are competent in their work, and there is a limited chance of promotion due to many requirements. Likewise, the respondents show that the benefits they received are good in the organization. However, it shows that there are many rules and procedures that make it difficult among the respondents where sometimes the rules and procedures are not clear among the respondents.   

Findings show that there is a significant correlation between job satisfaction and favorable outcome on teachers’ work performance as the noblest profession as observed by the respondents.

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Moving from Face to Face to Virtual Learning Using Blackboard: Faculty and Students’ Perceptions

Eman Ghazawi, Enas Gouda, Amira Salem Al-Sagheer

Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, Page 29-37
DOI: 10.9734/ajess/2021/v21i130499

The COVID-19 pandemic led to the suspension of all institutional educational activities in Saudi Arabia, resulting in an abrupt move from traditional face-to-face learning to online learning. This study investigates how online learning using Blackboard in medical colleges is changing the learning methods after COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia. It seeks to explore the faculty and students' perceptions regarding the move and the effectiveness of online learning through the e-learning platform “Blackboard” at Fakeeh College for Medical Sciences (FCMS). A quantitative study was conducted to a sample of 419 participants, comprising faculty staff members and students. The selection criteria were students from first year to the final year in their second semester using online learning. They answered the questionnaires online through the Blackboard, and all information was collected for analysis and interpretation. The results indicated challenges experienced, time management, and preferences. Most faculty and students in medical colleges preferred online learning through Blackboard as it presents the future of medical education. However, online learning through Blackboard should be monitored and continuously evaluated to eliminate the current challenges and ensure effectiveness in the teaching and learning processes.  This study recognizes the importance of technology in enhancing teaching and learning in medical education curricula.

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Promoting and Enhancing Effective Teacher Professional Development in Tanzania: Lessons from Chinese Teacher Professional Development

Amani Abisai Lyanga

Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, Page 9-16
DOI: 10.9734/ajess/2021/v21i130497

This paper reports on promoting and enhancing effective teacher professional development in Tanzania: Lessons from Chinese teacher professional development. Teacher professional development is an important aspect in any country for educational achievement. In several years Tanzania has been facing ineffective teacher training and professional development. As a result, most of the teachers fail to plan their professional development as it expected to be. The analysis of findings indicated that Chinese teacher professional development has obtained significant achievement due to the presence of a strong policy, heavy investment in the teacher education sector, and other related factors. In this regard, these lessons are worth to Tanzania which still struggling to have effective teacher professional development through teacher practice. Therefore this study recommended that the Tanzanian government should encourage professional training programs for teachers through financial and material support.