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Taiwan Can be a Reliable Partner for India on Mandarin Education Policy

Peters Li-Ying Chen

Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, Page 25-35
DOI: 10.9734/ajess/2020/v13i330332

This isan unprecedented policy paper on the development of Taiwan’s Mandarin education in India and its suggestion to Indian government for future policy direction. This research conducts literature review by having comprehensive study and interpretation of key figues and key terms in history and news. Although the perceived lack of dissertation and paper is seen in the paucity of research devoted to understanding this issue. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has responded to the China’s aggression in the border of Eastern Ladakh in 2020, maybe even in terms of language, Indian government has dropped Mandarin among foreign languages in its National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. Indian government reviewed China's Confucius Institutes amid global concern, as well as university level memorandum of understanding between India and China. However, learning Mandarin would be encouraged in India by considering its national security, academic research, historical ties and economic development. Under these circumstances, the best policy option for India would be to get Mandarin teachers or train more Mandarin teachers from Taiwan, where Mandarin is official language as well. This article explores the reasons from historical context in India to Taiwan’s current development on Mandarin education, including its qualified teacher, test and satisfaction of partnering institutes. This paper indicates that Indian government should strategically consider having more cooperation with Taiwan in providing Mandarin learning for its young generation. Taiwan is a reliable partner for India on Mandarin Education Policy.

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Perceptions of Competency-Based Teaching and Learning by Teachers and Students of Secondary Schools in Cameroon: Evidence from Implementation of the History Syllabus in Form Five of the Bilingual Grammar School, Buea, South West Region

Fedelis Lekeaka Alemnge

Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, Page 1-24
DOI: 10.9734/ajess/2020/v13i330331

The effective implementation of any syllabus partly depends on the instructional methods and evaluation strategies used. The revised secondary school syllabuses in Cameroon are based on the competence approach, with entry through real life situations. The objective is to enable learners develop a number of competences for successful interaction within the school milieu and the society in general and to enable learners make a smooth transition from school to the world of work. This study therefore, examines the history syllabus in order to determine how teaching and assessment methods used in its implementation contribute to the development of the stipulated student competences. The case study design was used to carry out the study. The study population consisted of students and teachers of Balingual Grammar School Molyko Buea. 210 Form Five History students and 3 teachers of the same class made up the sample. The sample school was selected using the convenience sampling technique while the sample for students and teachers was selected using the purposive sampling procedure. A focused group discussion and classroom observation schedules were used to collect data. The focused group discussion data were analyzed using thematic analysis, and the observation data were analyzed by simply counting the number of classes where a particular toll was used. The findings revealed that the prescribed learner-centred teaching methods were only partially used, but effectively used in these instances. Therefore the use of teaching methods did not significantly influence learners’ development of competences. Findings from teachers, students and observation were conclusive that evaluation methods were very effective in enabling leaners develop the required competences. Based on the findings, it was recommended that policy makers multiply opportunities for teacher’s professional development to improve on the quality of teaching and enable learners acquire the expected learning outcomes.

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Inclusive Practices and Their Effects on Learners’ Academic Performance in Public Primary Schools within Buea Municipality

Ambei Ruhama Faizefu

Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, Page 48-59
DOI: 10.9734/ajess/2020/v13i330334

Persons with disabilities face diverse challenges in educational institutions which greatly affect their access and full participation in academic programmes. The purpose of this study therefore is to find out the Effects of Inclusive Practices on the Academic Performance of Learners with disabilities in public primary schools within Buea municipality. This study was guided by three objectives. To investigate the extent to which teachers’ acceptance of persons with disabilities has been implemented in public primary schools; To find out how far curriculum adaptation for persons with disabilities has affected learners’ academic performance; and To assess the effects of environmental adaptation on the academic performance of learners’ with disabilities in public primary schools within Buea municipality. A survey research design was used to gather data from two public primary schools. The sampled population of the study included 20 teachers. Purposive sampling was used to select the two public primary schools that admit persons with various special educational needs. The research instrument used for collecting data was the questionnaire. This questionnaire was structured under a yes/no format. Collected data was analyzed using mean standard deviation and findings obtained indicated that teachers’ acceptance, curriculum and environmental adaptations have greatly affected the academic performance of learners with disabilities. Thus, this study recommends, there should be action plans to guide and direct the implementation of inclusive educational practices to the entire primary school settings and/or systems. Primary institutions should be constructed with ramps, large classroom space, wash rooms and toilets to ease movements and maneuvering of persons with disabilities. This finding also will help policy makers and educational authorities make better decisions as concerns primary educational pedagogy. With all these archived, it further will enable learners with disabilities to be confident in themselves, learn freely like their peers and many persons with disabilities will be enrolled in public primary schools.

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On the Philatelic Circuit of the UNESCO Churches from Maramureș

Bogdan-Vasile Cioruța, Alexandru Leonard Pop, Mirela Coman

Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, Page 60-84
DOI: 10.9734/ajess/2020/v13i330335

Maramureş region is often replaced by "the land of wooden churches" syntagm. Traveling through the villages from this region, it is easy to notice that most of the settlements have their wooden church, created by the local craftsmen. Eight of them were included in the UNESCO World Heritage, in 1999, and can be visited in Bârsana, Budeşti, Deseşti, Ieud, Plopiş, Poienile Izei, Rogoz, and Şurdeşti. Remaining in the same context, of the thematic field visit, to come to the aid of those who walk for the first time in these lands and inevitably need specialized information, a philatelic-tourist itinerary was proposed. Through this paper, the intention was to bring into discussion a series of philatelic effects (postage stamps, first-day covers - FDCs, illustrated postcards, maximum postcards, special and commemorative envelopes, etc), and to emphasize, in more detail, the cultural heritage associated with the religious buildings considered. Based on the observations made on the rich philatelic material identified (over 50 philatelic mentions), through various platforms with philatelic content (such as Colnect, Delcampe, eBay, Okazii, PickClick, Romfilatelia, StampWorld, wopa-plus, etc.) or benevolent collectors, a philatelic route could be made on the eight tourist objectives considered. It was also possible to highlight the role of ambassador that the thematic philately has in the promotion of cultural (ecumenical) heritage, as well as the visibility that UNESCO objectives have at national and international level.

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The Impacts of Fee - Free Education Policy in Junior Secondary Schools in Tanzania

Amani Abisai Lyanga, Ming-Kun Chen

Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, Page 36-47
DOI: 10.9734/ajess/2020/v13i330333

This study was based to examine the impacts of Fee-Free Education Policy in Junior Secondary Schools in Tanzania. The study used secondary data which were collected from the Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MOEST), National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA), United Republic of Tanzania (URT), Buchosa District Education Officer (BDEO), and other Non-governmental institutions. Finally, data were analyzed and presented. Data collection was guided by four objects such as the number of classrooms, the number of teachers, the number of students enrolled, and students’ pass rate. The findings from this study demonstrated that a fee-free education policy has shown a direct impact on junior secondary education. Through national examination, the students’ pass rate has improved, also to some extent number of teaches has increased. Apart from that, number of classrooms are imbalance with number of students. Therefore, this study recommended that the Tanzanian government should employ more qualified teachers, at the same time to build more classes to accommodate the number of students.