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Career Flexibility: A Panacea to Skills Obsolescence

Constance Chifamba

Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, Page 12-16
DOI: 10.9734/ajess/2020/v7i430204

A survey was carried out in Harare on young people who have completed college or University. The main objective was to analyse the employment status of youth in relation to the skills they have. Results indicated that the majority of the respondents are not formally employed, or those employed are not employed in the jobs they trained for. As a result, there is a high level of skills mismatch leading to skills obsolescence. Many graduates are unemployed or have resorted to self- employment or some type of entrepreneurship. The results also indicate that most of the research participants are engaged in hybrid jobs, mainly technical jobs so as to reduce the impact of skills obsolescence and at the same time earn some money to make a living. The study recommends that young people be encouraged to train in multi disciplines whilst in University or College so as to have career flexibility and competitive advantage when they graduate.

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Use of Assessment of Learning Teaching Strategy among Basic School Teachers in Ghana

Bosson-Amedenu Senyefia, Osei-Asibey Eunice, Wiah Eric Neebo

Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, Page 1-11
DOI: 10.9734/ajess/2020/v7i430202

Ghana’s new curriculum for the basic level places much emphasis on the need for teachers to evaluate the learner’s cumulative progress and achievement. This requirement makes it imperative to measure the competency of the teachers on the use of Assessment of Learning strategy. The study adopted a survey research approach and the features, strategies and principles under pinning Assessment of Learning strategy formed the basis of the construction of 12-itemlikert scale with a reliability coefficient of 0.98. A sample size of 100 was computed at 95% confidence interval and randomly selected from the population. With respect to this learning strategy, significant differences were found for teaching division and teaching experience. The findings indicated that with respect to providing processes that make it possible for students to demonstrate their competence and skill, the expertise of class teachers were significantly different (  from subject teachers . The mean difference of 1.256 shows that class teachers exhibited greater expertise in providing processes that make it possible for students to demonstrate their competence and skill than their subject teacher counterparts. Also, with regards to reporting students’ learning based on evidence obtained from variety of contexts  and applications, the expertise of class teachers  were significantly different (  from subject teachers with a mean difference of 1.710.In terms of providing range of alternative mechanisms for assessing the same outcomes, a significant difference (  was found between teachers with teaching experience of at least 4 years  and those with less experience .The absolute mean difference of 1.444 is an indication that the former performed better than the latter. The findings provide the basis for Ghana Education Service to organize in-service professional learning training aimed at enhancing teachers’ knowledge of summative assessment with the ultimate goal of enhancing students’ learning and achievement. The study recommends in-service training and continuous professional development sessions for subject teachers to build their capacity in the use of Assessment of Learning strategies.

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Implications of Constructivist Approaches in the Classrooms: The Role of the Teachers

Vaishali ., Pradeep Kumar Misra

Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, Page 17-25
DOI: 10.9734/ajess/2020/v7i430205

There is popular expectation at the level of society and educational policy makers that teachers’ must adopt different approaches in classrooms to prepare learners to meet the needs of 21st century. In this context, it is expected from the teachers to be aware of emerging approaches in learning and use them appropriately in classroom conditions. Constructivist approach of learning is one such emerging approach. Constructivist approaches are slightly different from the conventional approaches of teaching and learning. These approaches emphasize that the role of teacher must be changed from the ‘sage on stage’ to ‘guide from the side’. In fact, it is expected that a teacher equipped with constructivist approaches can encourage the learners to take active part in teaching learning process and foster their critical thinking, creativity and problem solving abilities. Extending these arguments, the present paper describes constructivism and associated pedagogical skills, enlists different constructivist approaches, and discusses the role of the teachers in implications of constructivist approaches in the classrooms.

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The Effects of Parents’ Reactions towards Teenage Pregnancy on Pregnant Teenagers’ Educational Aspirations in Secondary Schools in Buea Sub-division, South West Region of Cameroon

Agborbechem Peter Tambi, Edna Emade Mesue

Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, Page 26-40
DOI: 10.9734/ajess/2020/v7i430207

Teenage pregnancy is regarded as a major socio-medical and socio-economic phenomenon in both developed and developing countries and has become more rampant in recent times. This also happens at the level of schooling. The study investigated the effects of parents’ reactions on teenage pregnancy on their pregnant teenager’s aspirations. A qualitative research paradigm (ethnographic approach) was used in conducting this study. Twenty one parents and twenty four pregnant teenagers participated in the study. A focus group discussion guide, interview guide and observation guide were the instruments used for the collection of data for the study. Data were analyzed with the use of thematic-content analysis and pre-coding. Pregnant teenagers are allowed to continue schooling and given three months maternity leave before the delivery date. The result is psychosocial problems with negative effects on their aspirations. The results show that parents’ reactions have serious consequences on pregnant adolescents’ aspirations. Therefore, most pregnant students leave school before they are given maternity leave and some who go on maternity leave do not return. This is probably because of the way they are treated in school and back at home. They are provoked by school administrators and rejected at home by parents. Counselling should also be done to the parents of the girls as stipulated in the re-entry policy. By so doing, they may be able to support their daughters during the challenging stages of parenthood and take care of their grandchildren.

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Philately’s Implications in Ecological Education via Romanian Thematic Joint Issues (I): with Other Countries Postal Administrations

Bogdan Cioruța, Alexandru Leonard Pop

Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, Page 41-57
DOI: 10.9734/ajess/2020/v7i430208

Protected areas, as integral part of natural heritage, by their intrinsic value and low human intervention degree, are by far, the best examples for natural and semi-natural ecological systems. Protected areas are still perceived and considered true wild oasis which need protection for conservation of different unique species that populate them. Little is known about the fact that natural and semi-natural regime areas constitute livelihood support, and decisively contribute to socio-economical development of local and regional communities.

Constantly promoting philatelic themes involving the natural heritage, different philatelic postal entities and associations, all over the world, performs a series of postage issues, among which the preoccupations for environmental protection prevail.

In accordance with the previously stated, in this paper, is proposed an incursion into the history of environmental protection preoccupations, and bring in discussion the significant concerns in promoting ecological educational via thematic joint issues. So is presented the Romanian’s collaboration with countries like Argentina, Spain, Estonia and Gibraltar.

This study set out to identify, index and describe the main philatelic pieces issued in Romania, from the beginning of issuing in this field. Likewise, a huge numbers of pictorial data was used (postal stamps, first day covers, occasional envelopes, postcards and maxicards), from different international open-source philatelic databases, as well as from specialized catalogs and collections.

The analysis and interpretation of this kind of pictorial data was the main objective of study, based on the descriptions made by other collectors and philatelists, respectively by consulting other sources and specialized catalogs. As a result, this study has succeeded in identifying the pieces in question, and shows they come to certify the common concerns for the environmental protection, from mountain lakes to species of flora and fauna.

In conclusion it can be mentioned that this study therefore recommends the use of the ecology and science classes, where young people can come into direct contact with the described philatelic pieces (postal stamps and first day covers - FDCs, in most cases), and thus can fully understand the specificities of external collaborations on environmental protection and sustainable development.