The Leadership Behavior and Creativity of Sports Coaches with Athletes Satisfactions among Futsal Team in Malaysia Public Universities

Siti Nur Ain Zakinuddin, Sabarani Haji Ghazali

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The Development of Critical Thinking for Undergraduate Students: A Case Study in Vietnam

Nguyen Thu Ha

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Music Education as an Alternative Paradigm to Youth Empowerment: Evidence from Tertiary Institutions in South West of Nigeria

Fadipe, David Olawole

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Effect of Concept Mapping Instructional Strategy on Students' Conceptual Change in Physics

Joy O. Anih, Ifeanyi I. Adonu, B. C. Madu

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Managing the Implementation and Evaluation of the School Reading Program

Nelson E. Lucero, Marjun B. Rebosquillo, Jeneve P. Nieves, Ferlyn M. Tubice, Serena S. Ibao, Flor Escartin

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How Your Teachers Teach? Students Perceived Characteristics of Effective Teaching Strategies

Ariel E. San Jose, Siverlyn M. Camposano, Carlo A. Magonalig, Judy Ann C. Lelis, Pearl Ma. Janssen Bodiongan

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Organization of Mathematics in the Application of Computers in the First Cycle of the Reformed Primary School

Veselin Mićanović, Milica Labović

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Effect of Streams of Science Studies in Eastern University, Sri Lanka on Graduation and Class of Degree

K. A. N. K. Karunarathna

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Distributive Leadership and Work Commitment among Secondary School Leaders: Initial Evidence from Malaysia

Rosliza Husin, Mua’azam Mohamad

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Teachers’ Practices Related to Health Education in Moroccan Schools

Sabah Selmaoui, Abdelaziz Razouki, Boujemaa Agorram, Salah-Eddine Khzami, Mustapha Arfaoui

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Dynamic Assessment in the EFL Classroom: The Case of Listening Comprehension

Hamza Alshenqeeti, Grami Mohammad A. Grami

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The Awareness Level and Perception of Secondary School Physics Teachers towards Nanotechnology in Rivers State

Avwiri, Eseroghene

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The Effect of ‘Why’ Statement on Decreasing the Resistance in Engineering Education

Khaled Daqrouq, Abdulhameed Alkhateeb, Ahmed Balamesh, Mohammed Naser Ajour, Lutfi Aladar, Abdelsalam Alghamdi

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A Conceptual Analysis of the Leadership Theories and Proposed Leadership Framework in Higher Education

Muftahu Jibirin Salihu

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