Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies 2021-04-10T08:29:27+00:00 Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies Open Journal Systems <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong style="text-align: justify;">Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies</strong><span style="text-align: justify;">&nbsp;<strong>(ISSN: 2581-6268)</strong></span>&nbsp;aims to publish high quality papers (<a href="/index.php/AJESS/general-guideline-for-authors">Click here for Types of paper</a>) in all areas of Education and Social sciences. This journal facilitates the research and wishes to publish papers as long as they are technically correct, scientifically motivated. The journal also encourages the submission of useful reports of negative results. This is a quality controlled, OPEN peer reviewed, open access INTERNATIONAL journal.</p> Intercultural Education in the Latin America University Context 2021-04-07T06:53:09+00:00 Clelia Jima Chamiquit <p><strong>Aims: </strong>This research is focused on investigating whether intercultural education is a predominant factor in the quality of university education. Therefore, it arose as a research question; What is the approach that has been given to intercultural education in the university context to achieve educational quality? In view of this, the objective of the study is to carry out a critical review of several articles related to intercultural education in educational quality in the university context, published in scientific journals currently indexed in the most prestigious international databases.</p> <p><strong>Study Design:</strong>&nbsp; Qualitative approach, systematic review.</p> <p><strong>Place and Duration of Study:</strong> The research considered scientific articles based on intercultural education in several universities in different countries between the years 2017-2019.</p> <p><strong>Methodology:</strong> The search for scientific articles was carried out from October to December, for which various search criteria were used, including primary source: Pro Quest, Dialnet, Scielo, Scopus and EBSCO Host. The year of publication of the articles, which corresponds to the years 2017-2020 was considered.</p> <p><strong>Results:</strong> The articles where there is more research on the subject belong to the Scielo search engine, representing 30% of the information, followed by the Pro Quest and Scopus search engines with 20%, then EBSCO Host with 20% and finally Dialnet with 10%. It was evidenced that 90% of the articles present a qualitative approach and 10% represent descriptive research.</p> <p><strong>Conclusion:</strong> The research findings confirm that beyond the rhetoric and official discourse, intercultural education is still a concept to be researched, which requires the analysis of intercultural sensitivity, to dismantle the asymmetries that restrict the possibilities of articulating the spheres of the generation of knowledge and coexistence, which allow the proper development of all students without distinction of cultures.</p> 2021-04-07T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Worktext in Precalculus: Evaluation and Acceptability 2021-04-10T08:29:27+00:00 Ida E. Esquierdo Ronato S. Ballado <p>Worktext plays a vital role in any classroom setting particularly in mathematics. Despite the development of the new technologies that allow high-quality instructional materials, demand for textbooks or worktexts continues to grow. The era of modern technology makes students to be more inquisitive and the acquisition of new learning is high. With the implementation of the K to 12 curriculum, teachers are challenge to develop relevant and research–based instructional materials. At present, few instructional materials could be utilized for senior high school students particularly in PreCalculus which is based on the learning competencies of the subject. This study developed a worktext in PreCalculus based on the curriculum guide provided by the Department of Education. After which, the worktext was evaluated by the Calculus experts in selected State Universities in Region 8 and selected PreCalculus teachers in public schools in Northern Samar on the level of validity and acceptability. Results showed that the content validity of the worktext as assessed by the respondents based on aims, objectives, knowledge, contextualization, summing up, practice, reinforcement, and enrichment are very much valid. The level of acceptability of the worktext based on clarity, usefulness, language and style, illustration, presentation, suitability, adequacy, and timeliness are very highly acceptable. Thet – test for independent samples was also utilized to determine the significant difference in the level of validity and acceptability of the worktext and results showed that both Calculus experts and PreCalculus teachers strongly agreed that the worktext is valid and highly acceptable. Revisions of the worktext were made based on the suggested comments of the respondents.</p> 2021-03-27T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Performance of Egyptian Cotton Exports in the Global Markets 2021-04-10T08:29:26+00:00 Mohamed A. Elsamie Deyi Zhou <p>This study focuses on the performance of Egyptian Cotton Exports in the global markets, and the important situation of those Exports in these Markets. ,The results show that quantity and value of Egyptian cotton Exports to the global markets has taken a decreasing trend during the study period, Also, we show that the relative importance of&nbsp; value of Egyptian cotton Exports when compared to value of Total Exports has taken a decreasing, the relative importance of&nbsp; value of Egyptian cotton Exports when compared to value of&nbsp; Agricultural Exports has taken a decreasing, quantity, value and import price of cotton imports has taken an increasing trend during the study period, Also the results show that value of cotton spinning Exports has taken an increasing trend , quantity and value of the cotton textile Exports has taken an increasing trend, quantity and value of the cotton knitwear products Exports has taken an increasing trend, quantity and value of the Cotton clothing Exports has taken an increasing trend, quantity and value of the Medical cotton Exports has taken an increasing trend, quantity of the manufactured cotton products Exports has taken an increasing trend of 8.08 thousand tons, by 5.13% from the annual average of quantity of the manufactured cotton products Exports during the study period, Value of the manufactured cotton products Exports has taken an increasing trend of 81.2 million US$, by 5.91% of the annual average of Value of the manufactured cotton products Exports during the study period .</p> 2021-04-03T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Traditional Architecture in Romanian Philately (I): the Case Study Regarding Households from Audia, Bancu and Berbești 2021-04-08T07:35:36+00:00 Bogdan-Vasile Cioruța Alexandru Leonard Pop <p>Vernacular and traditional architecture occupies a central place in the soul and pride of all people and has been accepted as a characteristic and attractive product of society, with a formal image. There is talk of a utilitarian architecture, which possesses interest and beauty, and which retains in the contemporary memory of the history of society. At the same time, it is unworthy of human heritage if this traditional harmony is not preserved, which is, in fact, the core of the human experience. In this context, the purpose of this study is to emphasize the beauty of traditional Romanian architecture in terms of philately. We want to expose the architectural specifics of three areas - Audia (Neamț), Bancu (Harghita), and Berbești (Maramureș) using postage stamps, illustrated postcards and other philatelic effects.</p> 2021-04-08T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Analysis of Socio-Economic Status and Gender Related Differential Item Functioning Using Item Response Theory Approach 2021-04-08T11:01:23+00:00 Stella Eteng-Uket <p>The study investigated detecting differential item functioning using item response theory in West African Senior School Certificate English language test in south-south Nigeria. 2 research questions were formulated to guide the study. Using descriptive research survey design for the study, study population was 117845 Senior Secondary 3 students in Edo, Delta, Rivers and Bayelsa state. A sample of 1309 (604 males, 705 females) drawn through multi stage sampling technique was used for the study. Two valid instruments titled: Socio-economic status questionnaire (SSQ) and WASSCE/SSCE English language objective test (ELOT) were used to collect data for the study. The reliability indices of the instruments were estimated using the Cronbach Alpha method of internal consistency and Richard Kuderson 20 with coefficient values of .84 for the English Language objective test and .71 for the socio-economic status questionnaire respectively. Chi-square and Lord Wald test statistics statistical technique employed by Item Response Theory for Patient Reported Outcome (IRTPRO) was the technique used in data analysis which provided answers to the research questions at.05 level of significance. On analysis, the result revealed that 13 items functioned differently significant between the male and female group and significantly 23 items differentially functioned between High and low socio-economic status group. Thus, this shows 18% DIF based on gender and 32% based on socio-economic status indicating large DIF and items that are potentially biased. Based on the findings, recommendation were made and one among others was that Item Response theory should be used as DIF detection method by large scale public examination and test developers.</p> 2021-04-08T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##