Specification of a Model of Agenda effects, Framing, Priming and Water Melding

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Juan Antonio Garza-Sanchez
Laura Lizeth Campos Guido
Cruz García Lirios


The objective of the present study was to specify a model for the study of the relationships between agenda effects, framing, priming and melding. A documentary, retrospective and exploratory study was conducted with a selection of sources indexed to international repositories, considering the year of publication and the keyword algorithm. Differences were evidenced between the published literature and the qualifications of judges who are experts in the field, although the design of the work limited these findings to the search algorithm, suggesting the extension of the study to the indicative logic of credibility and verifiability of the information disseminated in the media.

Agenda, setting, framing, priming, melding

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Garza-Sanchez, J. A., Guido, L. L. C., & Lirios, C. G. (2021). Specification of a Model of Agenda effects, Framing, Priming and Water Melding. Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, 16(4), 33-36. https://doi.org/10.9734/ajess/2021/v16i430408
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