Influence and Challenges of Teaching and Learning Resources on Children Creative Development Facing ECDE Programs in Nakuru East, Nakuru County, Kenya

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Peter Mbugua
Edward K. Tanui
Stella C. Kirui
Ann Maina


Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) which is the education for young children up to age of eight requires the effort of all stakeholders to provide kids from childhood through primary school age with embedded growth. This study thus, aimed at identifying how learners’ creativity is hindered by the availability of learning resources and the challenges facing the ECDE programs towards creativity development in children in Nakuru East Sub-County, Kenya. The study employed descriptive research survey design. The population of the study consisted of teachers of public ECDE centers in Nakuru East Sub-County. Data was analyzed for descriptive statistics and cross tabulation of data. The results were then presented in the form of tables. Majority of the respondents indicated that they lacked musical instruments (92.2 percent), display charts (74.4percent), play materials (79.5 percent), while 69.2 percent accepted that they had drawing materials, and also 74.4 percent had reading materials. It was also clear that, creative learners were too fast for the other normal learners which posed a challenge to the teachers on which speed to use in their teaching. These findings implied that most schools (over 75 percent) in the East Sub-County lacked musical instruments, displayed charts, reading materials and play materials which were key teaching resources which would enable the teachers enhance creativity in their learners.

Education, childhood, resources, creativity.

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Mbugua, P., Tanui, E. K., Kirui, S. C., & Maina, A. (2021). Influence and Challenges of Teaching and Learning Resources on Children Creative Development Facing ECDE Programs in Nakuru East, Nakuru County, Kenya. Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, 15(3), 14-23.
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