University Social Responsibility and Community Relations

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H. Lamas Rojas
V. Lamas Lara
D. Gómez Meza


The responsibility of universities does not only consist on training responsible citizens, contributing to the economic, social and cultural development of our societies, or generating new knowledge through research and transmit it appropriately. Even being part of the content of its responsibility, each one of these actions must keep in mind the horizon of reference to which it must respond: a context of inequality, inequity, conflict and exclusion; It is also part of their responsibility to develop a clear transformative orientation towards the areas of social and economic vulnerability that is present in our societies. We develop one of its main models: Learning-service, as it is a methodology that allows students to learn better through integration of educational content with solidarity actions carried out in the community, facing a real need in society.

University social responsibility, learning-service, community relations.

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Rojas, H. L., Lara, V. L., & Meza, D. G. (2020). University Social Responsibility and Community Relations. Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, 9(4), 47-58.
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