New Aspects of Leisure Agriculture within Smart Tourism Era

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Tsai-Fa (TF) Yen


With the development of China's economy, tourism has become an essential necessity of ordinary people's lives, and rural tourism has also been receiving more and more attention from all quarters. The development of leisure agriculture is a market need, a development need of the times, and human civilization, as well as the inevitable trend of development. Therefore, this study aims at providing some recommendations based on literature reviewed previous studies related to smart tourism and leisure agriculture. Findings report that the prospects of technology for farm manager, the technicalization for facilities and equipment, and the immediate response should be concerned by the owners of the farm and managers of farm business of leisure agriculture within smart tourism era.

Smart tourism, leisure agriculture, rural tourism

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Yen, T.-F. (TF). (2020). New Aspects of Leisure Agriculture within Smart Tourism Era. Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, 8(4), 1-7.
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Yen, T.F. The high quality development of leisure agriculture, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics publisher. In press; 2020.

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