Teachers’ Practices Related to Health Education in Moroccan Schools

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Sabah Selmaoui
Abdelaziz Razouki
Boujemaa Agorram
Salah-Eddine Khzami
Mustapha Arfaoui


In this study, we are interested in teachers’ practices related to health education (HE) in school. In our survey, we used a questionnaire as an investigative tool with a sample of 300 teachers from three levels of education: Primary, middle and qualifying high schools. According to the teachers' statements, our study reveals that the majority practice HE in class despite having no training in this area. They generally practice it in a thematic approach that is limited to pedagogical sequences within the framework of the program. In addition, it appears that teachers’ training and seniority have a positive effect on their practice and the self-assessment of their competence in this area. This study also suggests that a school’s lack of openness with the family and other external partners. These factors constitute some of the main obstacles that prevent the implementation of HE in class, in addition to training, lack of time and lack of adequate teaching materials.

Health education, school, teacher, practices.

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Selmaoui, S., Razouki, A., Agorram, B., Khzami, S.-E., & Arfaoui, M. (2019). Teachers’ Practices Related to Health Education in Moroccan Schools. Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, 5(4), 1-13. https://doi.org/10.9734/ajess/2019/v5i430159
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