Human Resource Management in Education: A Systematic Review

Ian Jake N. Galorio *

Davao del Norte State College, New Visayas, Panabo City, Davao del Norte, Philippines.

Allan J. Paglinawan Jr.

Davao del Norte State College, New Visayas, Panabo City, Davao del Norte, Philippines.

Jeffrey Z. Mata

Davao del Norte State College, New Visayas, Panabo City, Davao del Norte, Philippines.

Charlo Bianci Guray

Davao del Norte State College, New Visayas, Panabo City, Davao del Norte, Philippines.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Encountering hurdles in managing human resources is an inherent aspect of educational institutions. In dealing with these problems, human resource management plays a vital role in controlling and directing resources to perform school operations effectively. Thus, this systematic review explored the various literature on resource management, specifically on human resources through the PRISMA framework. Studies included in this review are focused on the challenges, strategies, and impact of resource management in educational institutions written in the English language and conducted between 2020 and 20224 from the Google Scholar. Out of 152 records identified from database searching, 10 articles from eight countries revealed three themes for the challenges of human resource management, namely: recruitment and retention challenges, workforce diversity and inclusion, and professional development and training. In terms of the strategies, the analysis showed three themes for human resource management, namely: talent acquisition and retention, performance management and evaluation, and change management and adaptation. Finally, the three themes about the impact of human resource management are educational quality and student outcomes, organizational performance and efficiency, and innovation and adaptation. These findings necessitate the application of effective human resource management strategies to improve educational organization. However, schools experienced obstacles in dealing with human resources. Therefore, future researchers may explore more strategies to overcome the said problems. They can also delve into issues, perspectives, and techniques of school leaders in managing other resources not covered in this study like financial, physical, and technological resources.

Keywords: Human resource management, PRISMA framework, challenges, strategies

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Galorio , Ian Jake N., Allan J. Paglinawan Jr., Jeffrey Z. Mata, and Charlo Bianci Guray. 2024. “Human Resource Management in Education: A Systematic Review”. Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies 50 (7):74-92.


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