Village Council Transparency Roles and Community-driven Project Management: A Case of Mlimba District Council, Morogoro Region, Tanzania

Tabitha E. Mkiramweni *

Department of Community Development, University of Iringa, P.O Box 200, Iringa, Tanzania.

Given Msomba

Department of Community Development, University of Iringa, P.O Box 200, Iringa, Tanzania.

Sosthenes Ruheza

Department of Community Development, University of Iringa, P.O Box 200, Iringa, Tanzania.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


This study examined village councils' transparency in managing Community-Driven Projects (CDPs) in Mlimba District Council, Morogoro Region, Tanzania. For project success, Community-Driven Development (CDD) strategies emphasize community engagement and local autonomy. CDP management relies on village councils to involve community members in decision-making to match projects with local priorities. This qualitative case study collected data from 24 purposively selected respondents of Chita and Ikule villages through interviews with village leaders and focused group discussions with village council members. The data were analyzed through a thematic analysis of how the village council practices transparency in CDP management. The study found that community meetings, notice boards, public speakers, and structured documentation increase transparency. Regular audits and project document accessibility ensure financial integrity. For CDPs to succeed, diverse communication, transparency, and community involvement were crucial. The study emphasizes CDP management transparency and inclusivity by highlighting diverse communication strategies to address local challenges. It is recommended that village councils maintain and continue to implement current transparency measures while enhancing and broadening their communication strategies. This may entail leveraging social media and digital platforms to effectively engage a wider audience, particularly the younger demographic. It is recommended that village council members undergo regular communication and community engagement training in order to enhance their current capabilities. Establishing a sub-committee within the village council's team that is specifically focused on enhancing transparency and communication strategies has the potential to enhance these endeavours. Communication strategies should be studied for their long-term effects on community engagement and project outcomes. Studies on how cultural and social dynamics affect communication in diverse communities could help tailor strategies to specific contexts.

Keywords: Community-Driven development, community-driven projects, village councils, transparency practices, community engagement, participatory development theory

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Mkiramweni , Tabitha E., Given Msomba, and Sosthenes Ruheza. 2023. “Village Council Transparency Roles and Community-Driven Project Management: A Case of Mlimba District Council, Morogoro Region, Tanzania”. Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies 49 (3):108-19.


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