Dr. Ana Sofia Pedrosa Gomes dos Santos


She is an Assistant Professor, Faculdade de Motricidade Humana, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal. She obtained PhD in Special Education. She is a Member of Centre of Research in Special Education and UIDEF of Instituto da Educação. Her Main areas of interest in Special Education, Services and Support Organizations, Rights and Self-determination for persons with Intellectual Disability (ID), Attitudes towards Persons with ID, Physical Activity Engagement, Transition into adult life & Employability, Ageing and ID, Psychomotor Therapy, Alignment of Portuguese policies towards the Quality of Life of persons with ID, redefining institutional roles as bridges to community and well aware of the necessary leadership. She is Responsible for the translation, adaptation and validation of some measurement instruments (e.g.: Adaptive Behavior Scale, Supports Intensity Scale, Personal Outcomes Scale, San Martín Scale, Self-determination) in Portugal. She is an Author and co-author of articles, book and book chapters, and speaker at national and international conferences. She works as a Reviewer of some scientific international journals. She is a Member of the AAIDD International Special Interest Group.