Family - School Cooperation about Child – as Acting Social Individual

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Gogou Lela
Elefterakis Theodoros
Kalerante Evaggelia
Giavrimis Panagiotis


The child’s socialization and multifaceted psycho-emotional development is directly associated with the cooperation of the two basic socializing agents, family and school. At first, the child – subject’s development and identity are analyzed, emphasizing the contradiction between its autonomy and the inevitable monitoring by adults within the family and school framework. Then, the role of the family as a socializing carrier to the relational structure of “I” (parent) and the “Other” (child) is clarified, while at the same time light is shed on the importance of parents’ ability to empathize with the child, known as “sympathetic reaction”. Following that, a comparative historical review of changing standpoints about the child’s social role from the Roman Empire until the 21st century is carried out. Moreover, the child’s socialization process and its psycho-emotional development as dual socialization are studied, through the synergy between family and school, emphasizing the teacher-parent relation. The main objective is to showcase the smooth synergy and cooperation of the two carriers in order to ensure teaching and educational experiences, to eliminate school failure, to mitigate social-school pathogenic phenomena, inequalities as well as conflicting or competitive relations between parents and teachers. Finally, the main objective of this paper is to showcase a healthy democratic pedagogical-social model in which equal opportunities for qualitative education will be ensured. This form of education will target the promotion of social coherence, citizenship and the subject’s emancipation towards a multifaceted development of its social, spiritual and mental abilities.

Socialization, child, subjectivization, acting individual, sympathetic reaction, empathy, family, school, school failure, school-family synergy.

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Lela, G., Theodoros, E., Evaggelia, K., & Panagiotis, G. (2019). Family - School Cooperation about Child – as Acting Social Individual. Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, 3(2), 1-13.
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